Here is a complete guide to choosing the perfect clothes for yourself




They say, “Clothes make a man.” This adage is particularly true in today’s world where you are constantly being judged for being a sharp dresser or a sloppy one. Most of our life’s curves have been decided by people who have given utmost importance to how we dress and present ourselves. Our teachers, our bosses, our friends and colleagues have all at most times judged us based on the kind of clothes we wear.This drives home the point that good clothes and also the right fitting clothes are indeed very important. So, how do you go about choosing what will look good on you? Stick on here because we are going to spill all the beans out.

  • Decide your best feature and whether you would like to emphasize it:
  • The best way to be a confident dresser and a stunner is to completely examine yourself in front of a full size mirror. Look at yourself and decide which is that one feature or a couple of features that makes you look attractive. Say that you have long legs or your forearms are in great shape with taut muscles.

    If you have long legs then perhaps you would like to go in for nice pencil pants that will accentuate your glamour quotient complimenting it with a nice top. If your forearms look great then you can go in for a sleeveless dress for further detail please visit us .

  • Be thorough with your measurements:
  • Before you go to the departmental store, it helps to have a basic idea of what your wardrobe needs and what style are you looking for. If you are someone who shops for clothes impulsively then you may not hit the bull’s eye always. The best way to shop for your clothes is to carry your perfect measurements as you are at the time of shopping. You may need to use a measuring tape and jot down your vital statistics to be able to get the clearest picture of your present size.The most important measurement for a nice long dress will be the arm for the sleeves, neck for the depth of the neck line, your chest, waistline, hips and the desired length of the dress.


  • The clothing you buy must fit you snugly:
  • Your clothes must not be too tight around you to hinder your natural movement nor should they hang around you baggily. The perfect dress will fit you snugly like second skin. It is important that you try various sizes of the preferred clothing to determine the best size for you as various styles may warrant different labeling and this may cause confusion.

  • The front and the back fit:
  • The fit at the back is as important as the fit in the front. While using the trial room, you may use your phone to click a picture of the back fit by turning on the front view camera with a reflection of your back in the mirror. Making sure that it sits there neatly without looking awkward and showing wrong curves will save you lot of embarrassing moments later.

  • Use the trial room often
  • The golden rule is to “Never buy clothes without trying them on”. If you are planning to shed some weight and want to buy clothes a couple of sizes smaller, we’d say, “don’t do that.”You may plan to do your shopping for clothes after you made some good changes on you. But if you must shop now, then it should be for your present size and not the anticipated one. 

  • Get the basics first:
  • Don’t fall for the seasonal trends trap. Discover what looks good for your personality and also the occasion for which you are shopping. Fashion clothes look awesome but after some time they can give a very dated look. It is always better to try out each of the preferred styles individually before deciding what you can carry best on yourself.

  • Go for colors you have never experimented.
  • Opt for colors that you have never experimented and once again it is emphasized to use the trial room often, the color scheme and the complimenting them with other pieces of clothing and accessories is an art which will come after a lot of practice. So, if you have been doing it, you are getting there!

  • Compliment your existing wardrobe
  • Try to pick up clothes that compliment your existing wardrobe. You may want to also keep the season in mind. Don’t get tempted to buy jackets when it is going to be shining for a couple of more months.

  • Give away what you haven’t  worn for at least six months:
  • This will help you de clutter your storage and give you more space for newer clothes. Of course, you may also get immense satisfaction by donating your clothes to a nearby social service center that may up cycle them for other needy people.

  • Make sure you get value for your money
  • Last but not the least; keep a tab on your spending. Make sure that you buy clothes that are well within your budget and that they promise to be value for the money you will pay.


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