We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the best places to check out when you want to shop for that perfect wedding dress or those blood red stilettos that you have always desired. No, you don’t have to check on us at any physical address. Surprised? Well, all you will need to do is to download our Fashion App onto your smart phone and Voila! You have your own fashion stylist on call!


We partner with 50 fashion brands across the country:


We can do wonders to your wardrobe and promise you the best deal as have at least two scores and more brand associates across the segments to give you a complete range starting from the modest to the niche. The clothes and accessories are neatly presented under different headings like work wear, casual and party wear.


Shop if you like:


The app allows you to shop directly from the app in case something catches your fancy. One more amazing feature which is the latest addition to our long list of features is that we also send you the best deals on the products that you like or put into your desired list. So, if that sexy Night dress is little too pricey for you to own now, we would keep in mind and notify you if it has any price drop in the future!


We have an awesome filter in place:


It’s tough when you have to browse at least a few hundred thousand pictures to determine your shopping style. So, we put filters which will help you to narrow down your search based on your preferred color, budget and style of clothes that you are looking for.


A lean mean fashion dictionary:


On the app, learn what a hem line or a seam line or other fashion terms mean with pictures for clearer understanding. Knowing what is what will help you make a knowledgeable shopper and help you help yourself better! Don’t you agree?


Shopping made easy, check out made even easier:


While we can assure you of a seamless shopping experience, we can doubly assure of you a comfortable check out as a repeat customer’s credit/debit card details, shipping address and body measurements sizes are all saved so the purchasing can be made in a few seconds and only a couple of clicks!


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